Defining "competitive." Acute care advocacy.

March 8, 2024

Dr. Paul Parks, AMA President

Dear Members,

About 350 members joined our post-budget virtual town hall on Wednesday for an update on where things stand with government and a look ahead at advocacy plans. A recording of the presentation is available on the AMA website (member login required).

There were two standout points in my update presentation that I really want to highlight for members.

First, in the ongoing advocacy to stabilize our failing family and rural generalist physician clinics, I’ve reported that the Minister promised she will implement the Physician Comprehensive Care Model as quickly as possible. Her promise also includes making Alberta family and rural medicine competitive again in western Canada. As I emphasized to participants in the town hall, when I use the word “competitive,” I have very firm expectations. Other provinces have already acted to shore up primary care and we have fallen behind. This image is an indication of the gap that must be closed for small-business practices.

Est. fam. med. annual pmts per FTE by prov.

Second, acute care physicians have been tremendously supportive of their family and rural medicine colleagues through many months of advocacy and focused attention. We know that there is a parallel and expanding crisis in acute care, and I have promised that we will be addressing these concerns significantly in our advocacy. You can watch for this gearing up in the weeks ahead.
In the meantime, though, there is more than one form of advocacy. It happens in the public eye, yes, but just as importantly (or more) is direct representation of, and advocacy for, members with the government and Alberta Health Services. We have been investing tremendous energy, behind the scenes, toward the financial and contractual security of thousands of physicians.
This image from the AMA website, updated about every two weeks, is a summary of the immense support that the AMA is providing for members in various non-fee-for-service negotiations (member login required). We will be out in the media and other public spaces as promised, but I wanted you to be aware of the essential support that is ongoing for the financial well being of acute care physicians in the interests of retaining and attracting the best and brightest to our province.

Non-fee-for-service Status


Paul Parks
President, Alberta Medical Association

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