An unprecedented and overwhelming vote

July 29, 2020

Dr. Christine Molnar, AMA President

Dear Members:

The results of our referendum vote are in. There were 8,934 votes from physicians, residents and medical students across Alberta, which represents a voter turn-out of 67%. As for the results: 98% indicated they do NOT have confidence in the Minister. Over the past week, the confidence referendum was conducted with the same rigor as a contract ratification vote.

In everything we do, our goal is to reach a negotiated agreement with government, using arbitration if necessary. This referendum’s historic turn-out and overwhelming results send an unequivocal message: Physicians, resident physicians and medical students are telling the AMA Board to move on. We will be reaching out to Premier Jason Kenney and seeking his leadership and support in restoring a meaningful dialogue between physicians and the Minister.

Thank you for your support on this pivotal vote. The membership has spoken. The Board will act accordingly and we will see how our message is received.

In your service,

Christine P. Molnar, MD, FRCPC
President, Alberta Medical Association


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