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Silvana Cruces, AMA Payables Administrator

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Your membership adds to a strong, united voice for the medical profession on a provincial and national level. Both AMA and CMA offer you a wide range of benefits and services to meet your professional, financial, personal and family needs.

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The Canadian Medical Association will now be collecting its membership dues directly from members in Alberta, rather than through the AMA. Be part of the movement of physicians who are driving health care reform at the national level by joining or renewing your membership with the CMA. Please use their online form or contact their Member Service Centre at Please note that members must first renew their AMA membership before being able to renew their CMA membership.

We hope this guide serves as a convenient reference for information about membership and the activities undertaken by the AMA and the CMA to advance the profession. You’re welcome to contact the associations at any time for assistance or additional information.

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New physicians to AMA membership cannot register online. Contact us for an application and welcome package

Advocating for Physicians

The Alberta Medical Association advocates on behalf of physicians to support them in their financial health, well-being, and as leaders in the health care system - advocacy, negotiations, compensation, member relations, government relations

Practice Support

As an AMA/CMA member, there are a wealth of tools, resources and programs to help you make the most of your practice: Well-being, financial health, system leadership and partnership

Resident Physicians

The AMA offers resident physicians access to a wide variety of services, resources, benefits and leadership opportunities.

Medical Students

The AMA provides medical students with access to a wide variety of services, resources, benefits and leadership opportunities.


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Canadian Medical Association

The Alberta Medical Association is proud to be part of the CMA. The CMA's mission is empowering and caring for patients. Find out about the CMA and the CMA benefits you’re entitled to as an AMA member.

MD Financial Management and Scotiabank Healthcare+

Combining MD Financial Management’s unparalleled understanding of physicians’ financial needs with Scotiabank’s deep banking expertise allows us to provide a robust suite of comprehensive financial services tailored specifically to physicians’ needs and circumstances, including the uniquely co-created Scotiabank Healthcare+ Physician Banking Program.

Awards, scholarships, bursaries and grants

The AMA recognizes the outstanding efforts and achievements of its member physicians, resident physicians and medical students with a wide range of awards, scholarships, bursaries and grants.

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  • Georgina Welch
    Membership and Benefits Administrator
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Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.