Claim Continuing Medical Education

If you require CME-related assistance, please email or call 780-482-0324, toll free 1-866-714-5724 (ext.5324).

Make a CME claim and find out about the CME's income tax implications below. The CME Application for benefits is under "Step 2" below.

Make a claim

You can now be reimbursed for CME credits earned, either through the:

  • College of Family Physicians of Canada MAINPRO® program, or
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada MOC/CPD program.

As participation in one of the two programs is now mandatory, this is a simple way to use up your CME allotments.

Claim online!

Submit an electronic CME Claims form and/or view a record of your past claims submissions (see links, below).

NOTE: After completing and submitting your electronic CME Claims form, you should receive an email from the AMA, verifying receipt of your submitted claims form. You’re no longer required to submit hard copies of either the claims form or CME course receipts. However, in the event of a random CME Claims audit, you’re advised to retain copies of your course receipts. If you’re selected to participate in the random audit, you’ll receive an email requesting that you submit copies of CME course receipts, as proof of registration and payment.

Claim online:

Claim by Mail

You can also make claims by mail. Follow this three-step process to make a claim:

Step 1

To claim a reimbursement for credits, simply go to the appropriate program link:
Claim from the CFPC
Claim from the RCPSC

Step 2

Print your credit earnings report and attach it to your completed CME claim form. (You will find reimbursement guidelines on the back of the application form.)

Print out your application form and complete it:
Complete the CME Application for Benefits

Step 3

Mail or fax your application form, credit earnings report and receipts to Alberta Medical Association Benefits Administrators

What’s the payment process?

  • We normally issue payment within one week of receiving your claim online.
  • Paper claims will take longer to process during peak periods.
  • Copies of receipts are only required when submiting a paper claim.

What about income tax?

  • Reimbursements received through the CME program must be declared as income for tax purposes.
  • We do not mail out a tax receipt.
  • Please keep your original receipts.

When and how often can I submit claims?

  • You can submit claims as often as you like but the expenses must have been incurred during the available allotment period (e.g., April 1, 2022, to March 31, 2023).
  • You can claim an expense in whole or in part. The AMA may request more information to verify a claim.

Electronic funds transfer

You can access reimbursement payments through electronic funds transfer:


Contact our Benefits Administrator:
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T 780.482.0324
Toll-free 1.866.714.5724 (ext 5324)
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