Student Spotlight: Maya Liepert

December 30, 2020

Maya Liepert, Medical Student, University of Calgary

Contributed by University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine medical student Jenny Krahn

Moving from passion to action

Maya Liepert is a caring and engaged member of the Tanuki Medical School class of 2022 at Cumming School of Medicine. In her role as co-chair of Medical Students for Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD), she supports team communication and coordination, engagement with key stakeholder groups such as school administration, and content development for school curriculum.

Maya has a vision that everyone should feel engaged and accepted when receiving medical care. When speaking about the importance of accessible, supportive treatment for gender-diverse patients, Maya shares: “It’s really important to me because I want all medical students to be prepared to provide culturally sensitive and gender-affirming care in clerkship and beyond, and to always be mindful of how we treat our patients, of the language we use and how we can make sure medicine is a safe space for everyone.”

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