Senior administration

First row, left to right: Cameron Plitt, Joel McGovern, Nicole Finnigan, Christine Fleck, James Huston. Second row: Dr. Kim Kelly, Christine deMontigny, Shannon Rupnarain, Sean Smith

This section provides contact information for the Alberta Medical Association president and senior management team.


Senior Management Team

  • Acting Executive Director: Cameron Plitt
    Email Cameron Plitt
  • Acting Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer: Joel McGovern
    Email Joel McGovern
  • Corporate Secretary, Executive Office: Nicole Finnigan
    Email Nicole Finnigan
  • Manager, Executive Office: Christine Fleck
    Email Christine Fleck
  • Assistant Executive Director, Health Economics: James Huston
    Email James Huston
  • Assistant Executive Director, Professional Affairs: Dr. Kim Kelly
    Email Dr. Kim Kelly
  • Senior Director, Health System Transformation: Christine deMontigny
    Email Christine deMontigny
  • Assistant Executive Director, Public Affairs: Shannon Rupnarain
    Email Shannon Rupnarain
  • Assistant Executive Director, Southern Alberta Office: Sean Smith
    Email Sean Smith

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.