Senior administration

Senior Management Team (L to R, back row: Cameron Plitt, Doug Stich, Michael Gormley, Jim Huston  and Victor Taylor. L to R, front row: Sean Smith, Shannon Rupnarain, Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt,  Christine Fleck and Gayle Burnett

This section provides contact information for the Alberta Medical Association president and senior management team.


Senior Management Team

  • Executive Director: Michael Gormley
    Email Michael Gormley
  • Chief Financial Officer: Cameron Plitt
    Email Cameron Plitt
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Gayle Burnett
    Email Gayle Burnett
  • Corporate Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Victor Taylor
    Email Victor Taylor
  • Executive Office, Manager: Christine Fleck
    Email Christine Fleck
  • Health Economics, Assistant Executive Director: James Huston
    Email James Huston
  • Professional Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt
    Email Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt
  • Professional Affairs, Senior Director, Programs and Integration: Doug Stich
    Email: Doug Stich
  • Public Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Shannon Rupnarain
    Email Shannon Rupnarain
  • Southern Alberta Office, Assistant Executive Director: Sean Smith
    Email Sean Smith

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