Senior administration

Senior Management Team (l-r: James Huston, Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt, Shannon Rupnarain, Cameron Plitt, Doug Stich, Michael Gormley, Sean Smith, Christine Fleck and Victor Taylor)

This section provides contact information for the Alberta Medical Association president and senior management team.


Senior Management Team

  • Executive Director: Michael Gormley
    Email Michael Gormley
  • Chief Financial Officer: Cameron Plitt
    Email Cameron Plitt
  • Chief Strategy Officer: Gayle Burnett
    Email Gayle Burnett
  • Corporate Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Victor Taylor
    Email Victor Taylor
  • Executive Office, Manager: Christine Fleck
    Email Christine Fleck
  • Health Economics, Assistant Executive Director: James Huston
    Email James Huston
  • Professional Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt
    Email Dr. Lyle Mittelsteadt
  • Professional Affairs, Senior Director, Programs and Integration: Doug Stich
    Email: Doug Stich
  • Public Affairs, Assistant Executive Director: Shannon Rupnarain
    Email Shannon Rupnarain
  • Southern Alberta Office, Assistant Executive Director: Sean Smith
    Email Sean Smith

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