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 Glenn McAthey, Director, ADIUM Insurance Services

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Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT)

Christine deMontigny
Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT)
T 780.488.4350, ext. 6204
Email Christine deMontigny

ADIUM Insurance Services Inc.

T 780.482.0692
TF 1.888.492.3486

Alberta Perinatal Health Program (APHP)

North Office
T 780.735.1000
South Office
T 403.944.1242 

Alternative Relationship Program (ARP)

Didi Wimmer-Frank
Director, Contract Negotiations
Health Economics
Alberta Medical Association
T 780.482.0698
Email Didi Wimmer-Frank

Ken Ostertag
ARP Physician Support Services
Alberta Medical Association
T 403.830.2148

Continuing Medical Education

Medical Liability Reimbursement

Parental Leave Program (PLP)

Deanna Longmuir
Membership and Benefits Administrator, Executive Office
Alberta Medical Association
T 780.482.0324
Email Deanna Longmuir

Physician Locum Services®/Physician Placement Service

Barry Brayshaw
Physician Locum Services®
Alberta Medical Association
T 780.482.3366
Email Barry Brayshaw

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.