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Developed by the sections of General Practice and Rural Medicine and the PCN Physician Leads' Executive, the PCA was formed to serve the needs of the Alberta Medical Association's primary care representative groups.


The purpose of the PCA is to increase coordination and information between primary care groups, and support physician leadership for primary care physicians. Although the PCA will focus on primary care, it will also ensure that there are appropriate links with specialists. 

Role of the PCA

Current Work of the PCA

Primary Care Alliance and Specialty Care Alliance (SCA) – Improving Transitions of Care

The 2017 Auditor General’s Report, Better Healthcare for Albertans, identified integration and continuity of care as a key to improving quality and managing costs. At the AMA’s 2018 fall Representative Forum, delegates where shown the short film, Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story. In May 2018, the PCA and SCA developed a collaborative working group to focus on improving integration between primary and specialty care. Our hope is to have a scalable, flexible, functional strategy that will better integrate the transitions between primary and specialty care in order to prevent patients from falling through the cracks.

PCA Members

  • Chair: Dr. Brad Bahler
  • AMA Section of General Practice president: Dr. Darryl D. LaBuick
  • AMA Section of Rural Medicine president: Dr. Edward Aasman
  • PCN Physician Leads' Executive chair: Dr. Jeff Bratvold
  • AMA Board of Directors: Drs Tobias Gelber and Howard Evans
  • Alberta College of Family Physicians: Dr. Sonya Lee and Terri Potter
  • Academic representative: Dr. Lee Green

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