PCN Physician Leads Executive

Dr. Helen Akosile-Xulu (North Zone representative)

This group provides a forum for sharing information between the Alberta Medical Association and the PCN Physician Leads on a variety of topics.

The executive (which includes one physician lead from each of the five health zones) supports the Provincial PCN Physicians Leads group.

This group represents all the PCNs and associated physicians in Alberta by:

  • Gathering local PCN issues and concerns.
  • Providing support and a voice for local physician non-profit corporation (NPC) issues.
  • Developing applicable strategies for relevant physician and patient issues within PCNs.
  • Recognizing and adhering to local autonomy for individual NPCs.

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Executive members

  • Dr. Ernst Greyvenstein (Calgary Zone representative)
  • Dr. Jordan La Rue (Central Zone representative)
  • Dr. Nadine Letwin (Edmonton Zone representative)
  • Dr. Helen Akosile-Xulu (North Zone representative)
  • Dr. Susan Byers (Interim South Zone representative)

AMA staff support

Next PCN Strategic Forum

The PCN Strategic Forum is back and in-person November 25-26, 2022, in Edmonton. The PCN Strategic Forum is geared towards those with a passion for advancing the Patient’s Medical Home. This could include board chairs, non-board physician champions, executive directors, practice facilitators, quality improvement leads, project managers, zone support team, and more.

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