AMA Advocacy timeline

The AMA and its physician members have led with strong advocacy, demonstrating a commitment to Patients First®. Since its formation in 1906, the AMA has advocated on behalf of Albertans for the improvement of a variety of health care issues. Efforts have included:

  • Integrated public awareness campaigns supported by extensive government and organizational lobbying.
  • Work with various organizations including schools, airlines, retail outlets and all levels of government.

Find out how the AMA influences policy at many levels to support the health care needs of Albertans.

1936-2004: Improving the health of mothers and babies

1970-1987: Advocating for child car seat legislation

1977-1987: Alberta’s seat-belt law – An AMA advocacy milestone

1980-2013: Smoking and tobacco use

1984-1994: AMA’s "New Year’s Baby Car Seat" program

1991: "Go Ahead … Ask Me": Physician guide to teen sexuality counseling

1992-1996: Promoting playground safety

1994-1996: "It Takes Two: The Condom & Pill" project

1998: Routine prenatal HIV screening

2000: Workshop on aboriginal cultural and health issues

2002-2013: Removing medical exemptions for seat belt use

2002-2013: Advocating for the medical care of children in government care

2003-2013: Advocating to prevent childhood obesity

2006: Preventing ATV-related injuries to children

2006-2009: Advocating for helmet use in alpine sports

2007: Community treatment orders for mental health

2007-2013: Distracted driving

2008-2013: Preventing falls among seniors

2010-2018: Regulating tanning booths

2013-2018: AMA Youth Run Club

2013-2018: Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion

2014-2015: Coal-Fired Power Generation

2016-2018: Indigenous Health

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.