Help us send an SOS to government

Share your practice story through our easy-to-use video upload tool

January 31, 2024

The crisis in primary care is impacting family physicians, rural generalists and other specialists alike. We have to fix primary care because without that, we can’t fix acute care. Help government, media and the public understand the severe impacts the crisis in family medicine is having on your practice and your patients.

Record a 20-second video with our easy-to-use video tool. Just share your name, where you work and the impacts you, your patients and your practice are experiencing.

We have received so many powerful stories already, but we need a steady intake for ongoing advocacy -- both from family and rural generalist physicians and colleagues in acute, hospital and community specialist care. Please take a moment to tell your story in your own voice, so we can make sure people understand what’s at stake and why something has to change.

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.