24 student-run initiatives awarded funding from sponsorship program

January 10, 2024

The Committee on Student Affairs met to review sponsorship applications. The committee chose the following projects/events to receive funding. An email from the AMA to all organizers was sent out with more information.

Please note: the full amount of funding requested in the application may not have been approved. Please contact Georgina Welch for more information on the amount of funding your project can expect to receive.

  1. 2023 Indigenous Health Elective
  3. Asclepius Medical Camp for Youth
  4. Culinary Medicine
  5. Dermatology in Colour
  6. Equitable Medical Mentorship
  7. FentNIL Project Ambassador
  8. FMRIG Pathways in Family Medicine
  9. Funding for ALS for Medical Student workshop
  10. Indigenous Augmented Reality
  11. Inequities in Medicine South Asian Mental Health
  12. International AI in Healthcare
  13. Interprofessional Education Speaker Series
  14. Journey to Med
  15. Leaders in Medicine Research
  16. Mental Health Week
  17. MSA Health Equity Conference
  18. Navigating AB Healthcare - Pamphlet for Immigrants & Refugees
  19. North of 60 Yellowknife shadowing experience
  20. Point of Care Ultrasound - POCUS*
  21. Provincial Day of Action
  22. Student Led Clerkship Mental Health Month
  23. U of C Clerkship Mentoring Program
  24. Women in Healthcare and Surgery - WIMAS

Congratulations to all recipients. We wish you success with your event/initiative!

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