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Insurance advice on AMA group insurance coverage

To speak to an advisor* about our Disability; Professional Overhead Expense; Term Life; Critical Illness; Accidental Death & Dismemberment; and PARA group coverage.

If you reside in Northern Alberta, including Red Deer, contact:
If you reside in Southern Alberta, contact:
If you are a U of C medical student or resident, contact:

Administrative Assistance

Enquire about your premium payments, or to make changes to how you pay premiums:
Enquire into the status of a pending group insurance application:
Enquire about your AMA Health Benefits Trust Fund coverage:

Any other enquiries may be submitted to our general email address ( or by calling 1-800-272-9680. We will reply within one business day.

*How are ADIUM's insurance advisors compensated?

All inquiries regarding the Commercial Office Insurance and Directors and Officers, Cyber and Entity Malpractice liability coverage should be directed to Westland Affinity Group Insurance Services – 1.866.846.4467 or visit Westland Affinity Group Insurance Services web page for more information.

All inquiries regarding the AMA’s endorsed travel insurance program should be directed to Manulife Travel Insurance – 1-888-304-2488 or visit our travel insurance page for more information.

All inquiries regarding the AMA’s endorsed home and automobile insurance program should be directed to TDIMM’s dedicated AMA line – 1-844-859-6566 – or visit our home and automobile webpage for more information.

Complaints & Compliments

To register a complaint, pass along a compliment or provide any other feedback regarding AMA insurance programs, please contact:

Insurance Advisor Disclosure


How are ADIUM’s insurance advisors compensated?

ADIUM insurance advisors are salaried employees of the Alberta Medical Association.

They do not receive commissions or incentive compensation based on sales targets.


The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.