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Laurenda Lanigan, Associate Insurance Advisor, ADIUM Insurance Services

Protect the future you’re working so hard to build

The Student Starter Program is proudly endorsed by CFMSMedical school is a significant but worthwhile investment. AMA’s ADIUM Insurance Student Starter Program helps you protect that investment at a rate you can’t afford to miss.

Proudly endorsed by the
Canadian Federation of Medical Students.

Disability Insurance

Term Life Insurance

What it is: A monthly income that can help you cover living expenses, student loans, and more if you’re unable to study or work due to illness or injury.

How much coverage?

  • First/second year $1,500/month
  • Third year $2,500/month
  • Final year $4,000/month
  • Proof of good health is required via a telephone interview

Up to $25,000/month with medical evidence of insurability, or utilizing the Guaranteed Insurability Benefits rider, once in practice.

What it is: A lump-sum payment to your loved ones could avoid leaving them with debt if you are no longer there.

How much coverage?

  • $100,000 of coverage without proof of good health.

Up to $5 million in coverage with medical evidence of insurability.

Extra features

  • Includes the Survivor Benefit and the Cost of Living Adjustment rider.
  • Automatic riders issued on January 1 following completion of medical school
    • Guaranteed Insurability Benefit rider
    • Cost of Living Adjustment rider
  • Optional riders available on January 1 following completion of medical school
    • Own Occupation rider
    • Retirement Protection rider

Extra features

  • Two optional riders available:
    • Future Insurance Option
    • Waiver of Premium riders

How much does it cost?

As an AMA member and a medical student, you can take advantage of significant discounts.

  • First and second year: 100% AMA Premium Credit – that’s coverage at no cost to you.
  • Third and fourth year: 80% AMA Premium Credit – premiums as low as $8/month for both plans

For more details, including the rate charts, see the Insurance for Medical Students brochure.

Who is it for?

You’re eligible to apply if you are:

  • a full-time undergraduate student in a school of medicine or faculty of medicine in Alberta,
  • a member of the AMA, and
  • under the age of 65.

Ready to get started?

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What happens to your Life and Disability Insurance when you start your residency program?

As a resident physician you’ll qualify for the 50% AMA Premium Credit for Disability insurance, and the applicable AMA Premium Credit™ for Life insurance for practicing physicians.

Doing your residency training in Alberta?

You may continue your AMA Disability Insurance coverage which will be paid in addition to your PARA Disability Insurance coverage. Information on the PARA insurance plans will be distributed at the resident orientations in June and can also be accessed online. View PARA insurance plans.

Doing your residency training outside of Alberta?

Generally speaking, your AMA Disability Insurance coverage will be first payor and any staff group disability coverage will supplement it to certain limits. There are no conflicts with Life Insurance; all coverage amounts are paid. We encourage you to contact the provincial medical association of your new province to learn more about the coverage offered in that province. Please see the provincial medical association contact sheet.

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Insurance Advisor Disclosure


How are ADIUM’s insurance advisors compensated?

ADIUM insurance advisors are salaried employees of the Alberta Medical Association.

They do not receive commissions or incentive compensation based on sales targets.


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