Physician Leaders at October 2021 Board Meeting

November 15, 2021

AMA Compensation Committee Co-chairs

  • Dr. Jeff Way & Dr. Brian Wirzba 

Academic Medicine and Health Services Program Council Co-chairs

  • Dr. Piush Mindhane & Dr. Maeve O'Beirne

Clinical Alternative Relationship Plan Working Group Co-chairs

  • Dr. Richard Hanelt & Dr. Steve Lopushinsky

Council of Zonal Leaders

  • Dr. Luc Benoit, Dr. Vicc Fourie, Dr. Erika MacIntyre, Dr. Margo McLean, Dr. Fredrykka Rinaldi, CZL Chair, Dr. Alayne Farries

Joint Task Force Co-chairs

  • Dr. Darryl LaBuick & Dr. Sidd Thakore

Physician Compensation Advisory Committee representatives

  • Dr. Melanie Currie & Dr. Jeff Way

Section of Family Medicine President

  • Dr. Craig Hodgson

Section of Rural Medicine President

  • Dr. Sam Myhr

Specialty Care Alliance

  • Chair, Dr. Graham Campbell
  • Deputy Chair, Dr. Duncan McCubbin

Negotiations Committee members

  • Chair, Dr. Noel Grisdale, Dr. Pauline Alakija, Dr. Graham Campbell, Dr. Melanie Currie, Dr. Alayne Farries, Dr. Heather La Borde, Dr. Sidd Thakore

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.