Workers' Compensation Board (WCB)

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This section provides information regarding the WCB-AMA Physician Services Compensation Agreement with respect to the contract, reporting, compensation/billing and frequently asked questions.

News and Announcements

AMA/WCB Advisory Committee

The AMA/WCB Advisory Committee was established to enhance the relationship between the AMA and WCB in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of injured workers in Alberta, and to provide mechanisms for the ongoing management and implementation of the WCB-AMA Physician Services Compensation Agreement.

Negotiation and contract

The AMA negotiates with WCB for physician services provided to employees covered by WCB. The term of the agreement is April 1, 2020 to December 31, 2024, and covers all Alberta physicians. The agreement identifies and applies incentives toward areas such as communication and surgeries that result in expedient turnarounds. For example, there is a common interest to improve upon the exchange of information that is important and unique to these patients/injured workers. Improved information exchange will benefit the physician, WCB, and most importantly, the patient.

Reporting timelines

The Agreement improves the timing and efficiency of the exchange of information that is important and unique to these patients/workers. The Agreement applies incentives for same day and on time reporting that can reduce turnaround times for WCB patients to receive care and return to work when they are healthy again.

WCB Compensation and billing

Understand how to bill for physician services provided to injured workers covered by WCB. Learn about the WCB fee guide, WCB physician reference guide, billing rules and physician forms.

WCB Agreement FAQs

The AMA has put together a series of questions and answers to help you better understand the WCB agreement.

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