Our Agreements

The AMA has a seven-year agreement with Alberta Health (the AMA Agreement) that expires March 31, 2018. In October 2015, AMA members ratified a series of amendments to the main agreement (the Amending Agreement).

Here you can find both agreements and some supporting materials:

2016 Agreement to Amend the AMA Agreement

On October 14, 2016, AMA members voted to ratify a set of amendments to the 2011-18 AMA Agreement.

Amending the AMA Agreement: What, Why and Why Now?

The ratified amendments build on an already strong AMA Agreement. They introduce a shared budget responsibility model with an allocation of responsibility and authority. Some important and specific new provisions and strategies build on the existing general model of consultation with the profession.

The additional consultation is significant and goes well beyond simple commitments to work together. The amendments provide for enhanced data sharing, a mechanism (and physician ratification process) for a PCN framework, a needs-based physician resource plan and direct involvement in the provincial Academic Alternative Relationship Plan. There are other items, but the point is that the amended AMA Agreement is much more than a statement of “we want to partner.” It is a detailed and pragmatic description of the partnership and how it will work.

There is risk but it is limited. The amendments bring stability to current prices and most programs, but some future amounts/payments may now need to be applied to cover utilization.

This set of amendments is a proactive approach to some of the challenges facing Alberta, both in the economy and within the health care system. It puts some short-term cost savings measures in place and also launches key strategies for the long term. It positions the AMA and government for future negotiations, providing an 18-month window to implement and assess new approaches.

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On this page we have posted documents that were provided to members during the ratification period. While they speak of the Amending Agreement as “tentative” still, what they describe is still relevant.

  • Short Summary 
  • Backgrounder: This document addresses the reasons for and objectives of the amendments package.
  • Overview: The Overview is a plain-language framework describing the structure of the tentative amendments package and what the various elements do. It refers primarily to the amendments. For further background on the underlying AMA Agreement provisions, please see the 2011 document version.(LINK)

Amending Agreement Documents

A single signed PDF of the amendments that were ratified appears below. This is the documents on which members voted during the ratification. It includes the following items that amend the 2001-18 AMA Agreement.

  1. amendments to the main 2011-18 AMA Agreement
  2. amendments to the 2011-18 Primary Medical Care/Primary Care Networks Consultation Agreement
  3. a free-standing Strategic Agreement
  4. a new Integrated Care Consultation Agreement.

Some of these items are difficult to review in context because they show only the amendments and not the original text. Consolidated versions appear below for you convenience with the amendments in highlighted yellow text.

AMA Agreement 2011-18

"The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and Alberta Health (AH) now wish to create, through the provisions of this AMA Agreement, the principles, processes and agreement which will apply to and which will govern a long-term financial and working relationship between AH and Alberta’s physicians, as represented by the AMA."

Each section in this website area includes:

  • "What/how": A brief description of part of the AMA Agreement. 
  • "You might ask": Questions and (more importantly) answers from the AMA.
  • "AMA Agreement document reference": The relevant excerpt(s) from the AMA Agreement.

Overview elements

    1. Two-party agreement
    2. Term
    3. Scope and purpose
    4. AMA recognition
    5. Financial
    6. Evergreen term
    7. Governance
    8. Management Committee
    9. Physician Compensation Committee
    10. Dispute resolution
    11. Grant agreements
    12. Consultation Agreements
    13. Table: AMA Agreement Structure and Consultation Agreements Overview
    14. Table: Analysis of the AMA Agreement vs. AMA negotiations objectives
    15. In conclusion

The Alberta Medical Association stands as an advocate for its physician members, providing leadership & support for their role in the provision of quality health care.