You are eligible for MLR for the months in which you:

  • Are a regulated member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, who holds a practice permit issued under the Health Professions Act (excluding physicians on the postgraduate register unless the postgraduate trainee is registered as a Physician extender).
  • Are a full member of the AMA or a non-member who has paid an administrative fee equal to full membership. 
  • Have provided insured medical services whether paid by Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services or any other party; or have provided public health services funded by AHS. Insured medical services includes clinical services provided through an alternate relationship plan or the academic medicine health services program.  

If you become ineligible during the year (e.g., you go on leave for part of the year or are reimbursed in another province), you must inform the AMA and return the reimbursed amount for the period in which you were ineligible.

Physicians who have received a payment under a Physician Support Program are not entitled to receive a duplicate or comparable payment, or payment in kind, from the Government of Canada, another provincial government, or AHS corresponding to the same matter. 

Eligibility Status Form

If you are not billing on a fee-for-service basis but are still providing insured services or public-health services paid by AHS, complete the Eligibility Status Form.

The form can be emailed to membershipgeneral@albertadoctors.org or faxed to 780-482-5445. 

Who is not eligible?

Physicians in the membership categories Administrative, Resident, Retired, Under-Graduate, Medical Student and Non-Resident do not qualify for the MLR reimbursement program.

If your status changes during the membership year, you may wish to upgrade your fee category to Insured Services or First Year in Practice to potentially qualify for this benefits.

To be eligible for the MLR benefits in the current calendar year, you must upgrade your membership by September 30 of the same year.


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