PMSP Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: April 16, 2024

How can I find out what AH has calculated my panel size to be for PMSP?

Will my out of province patients be allocated to my PMSP panel size?

Are patients on CPAR conflict reports allocated to a physician’s panel size for PMSP?

When will panel sizes be calculated for PMSP?

How does participating in CII/CPAR help with PMSP?

Are PMSP payments taxable income?

How do I ensure I’m getting the maximum payment?

What is Panel Management?

What is the AMA’s role in the PMSP?

Do I need to repeat the declaration to receive ongoing funding?

How do I sign the declaration?

If I am a new primary care physician in Alberta, will I be eligible for the funding?

Will I still be eligible for funding if I am planning on retiring or closing my practice during the time the grant funding is being distributed?

What happens if I share my CPAR panel with another physician?

Are there physicians who are not eligible to receive the PMSP payment?

Are locums eligible?

How does the PMSP determine which physicians practice in urban or rural areas?

Some patients see a family physician regularly, but have requested not to be included in their panels submitted to CPAR. Will they still be counted as patients for the purposes of the PMSP?

Can family physicians retroactively upload panel data to CPAR in order to receive a larger PMSP payment?

Can I manually upload my panel?

Some physicians have more than one panel submitting data to CPAR. How does this affect their PMSP payments?

If physicians are paid through a clinic, will their payments be paid to that clinic?

How often will I receive payment?

Do I need to be a member of a PCN to be eligible for the PMSP?

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