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Keeping track of your membership is easy online.

Below you can access the information you’ll need to stay current with the Alberta Medical Association and make the most of your membership. As you navigate through this section of the website, you’ll see many reasons to belong to the AMA.

What your AMA membership means

The AMA is the professional organization representing Alberta physicians and the medical profession across the province.

During your residency, your membership in the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta will provide you with support, resources and representation, including negotiating your working contract.

PARA works with the AMA’s ADIUM Insurance Services Inc. to provide benefits for resident physicians, and PARA advocates on your behalf in several ways within the AMA.

The AMA will continue to act on your behalf as you transition to practice and build your career. The AMA:

  • Negotiates with Alberta Health and manages the physician services budget.
  • Proactively develops alternate payment mechanisms and health care delivery models.
  • Highlights quality care issues through the Health Issues Council and public awareness campaigns.

We make sure your voice is heard – by government, Alberta Health Services, other health care professionals and the public.

As an AMA member, we welcome your feedback, input and participation:

Provincial and national representation

The AMA is a provincial division of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and one of the 12 provincial and territorial medical association collaborators at the national level.

The CMA unites the voice of the medical profession in Canada. It draws on the passion, knowledge and skill of its tens of thousands of members to advocate for a healthy population and a vibrant medical profession.

The CMA’s priority is to address the needs of Canadian physicians from medical school through retirement. The CMA aims to inspire you and fuel your passion by providing opportunities to apply your expertise to Canada’s most critical health issues and causes. The CMA also wants to help you deliver better patient care, develop your skills and manage your finances more effectively.

The Canadian Medical Association will now be collecting its membership dues directly from members in Alberta, rather than through the AMA. Be part of the movement of physicians and medical learners who are driving health care reform at the national level by joining or renewing your membership with the CMA. Please use their online form or contact their Member Service Centre at Please note that members must first renew their AMA membership before being able to renew their CMA membership. 

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Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.