Protect your health

It is never too early in your career to learn the value of caring for yourself in order to care for others.

As a member of the Alberta Medical Association, you have access to resources to help you:

Physician and Family Support Program

The Physician and Family Support Program (PFSP) is your single point of access for confidential support and help with personal health issues.

You and your immediate family members (spouse/partner, dependent children) may contact PFSP toll-free 1.877.767.4637, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. PFSP will cover the cost of up to six counseling hours for you over a 12-month period, and up to an additional six hours total per family.

PFSP provides support and referral to services for:

  • Family and relationship issues.
  • Career and work concerns, including adverse events, complaints and medical/ legal litigation.
  • Stress, anxiety, other mental health issues and psychiatric disorders.
  • Substance use disorders.
  • Concern for a colleague

Learn more about PFSP

Resident Wellness Conferences (RWC)

The PFSP, in collaboration with the universities and PARA, offers physician wellness information to Alberta residents in a half-day conference held biennially at each of the universities. The RWC is an opportunity for resident physicians to interactively explore various physician wellness topics that they choose in real-time. The RWC is free for residents to attend (fees are waived by PFSP) and nutrition is provided at the live events. Learn more about the RWC.

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