AMA Policy Statement on Health Informatics

The Alberta Medical Association recognizes its role in supporting health informatics and related provincial initiatives that are driven by the need for better patient care and outcomes, including improved access, continuity of care, timeliness, quality of care and informational continuity.

In addition to the above, the AMA has the critical role of ensuring that patient and physician interests are represented and that the informatics initiatives enhance each physician’s ability to provide optimal patient care, while respecting the need for efficient workflows.

To this end, the AMA will work with all stakeholders to influence priorities and represent the interests of its members, and to ensure that all initiatives support the patient/physician relationship and the ethical and professional duties and obligations that physicians have to their patients and to society at large.

The principles and policies are based on the current state and are the drivers for the detailed strategy. The AMA Policy Statement on Health Informatics is a broad policy statement and the various components are best considered together in the complete context.

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