Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry

What is CII/CPAR?

Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) is a program that connects community physician EMRs to the health system through Alberta Netcare. CII/CPAR is improving continuity of care for Albertans.

Primary care physicians

Primary care physicians can share patient visit information to Netcare for informational continuity. Family physicians and pediatricians can submit their confirmed patient panels with CPAR and receive information in return such as when their patients are discharged from an emergency department or hospital. In summer 2021, Netcare will begin to display the name of the CPAR primary provider in their record.

For more information visit the CII/CPAR webpage or contact us at

Specialty care physicians

Specialty care physicians participate in CII (Community Information Integration) to select and share their consult reports from their EMR to Netcare.

For more information on getting started visit the CII specialist webpage or contact us at

Community EMRs integrated with CII/CPAR (at no extra cost)

Several community EMRs have already integrated or are in the process of integrating with CII/CPAR. For a list of these EMRs and their degree of integration with CII/CPAR please visit the EMR Integration Table.

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