Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry

What is CII/CPAR?

CII/CPAR enables physicians and their teams to share patient information to Alberta Netcare directly from their Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

CII/CPAR enhances communication amongst providers by enabling the sharing of important healthcare information across the province. This two-way connection between clinic EMRs and Alberta Netcare is improving continuity of care between the Patient’s Medical Home and Health Neighbourhood.

CII allows providers to send select patient information to Alberta Netcare including consult letters and information about patient visits to contribute to Community Encounter Digests (CEDs).

CPAR identifies relationships between patients and their primary provider and sends eNotifications to providers when their patients are seen in the emergency department, have a hospital admission or day surgery. Learn more about paneling patients.

How to participate in CII/CPAR

Community-based physicians and allied health team members are eligible to participate in CII/CPAR. There are three requirements to sign up.

  1. You must be using one of these EMRs:
    • Accuro
    • Healthquest
    • Med Access
    • PS Suite
    • Wolf
  2. Your clinic must be willing to or have already implemented Alberta Netcare.
  3. Your practice needs to have a privacy impact assessment, that reflects the current clinic environment.

Benefits of CII/CPAR

  • Improves continuity of care.
  • Consult reports are available beyond the referring physician.
  • Other providers can follow the recommended plan of care.
  • Timely access to important healthcare information.
  • Providers across the system can see who the primary provider is in Netcare.
  • Shares healthcare information between a patient’s family doctor and other providers they see

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