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AMA Section News

AMA Section News is a monthly e-newsletter through which AMA member sections can report on items of news and interest to their section membership and/or to all AMA members.

Submission Guidelines

All AMA sections (via their section presidents or representatives) may contribute submissions (to Vanda Killeen, Editor, Section News).  

Examples of typical submission topics include:

  • Practice information (new policies, procedures)
  • Governance announcements, developments 
  • Reports on past meetings, conferences and other events or announcements of upcoming meetings, conferences and events 


  • Per standard format for e-newsletters, articles should be a maximum of 200 words in length
  • To enable the reader to find out more about subjects, e-newsletter articles commonly include hyperlinks to website pages or other newsletters, articles, contact emails, etc.
  •  Articles may be edited (by the AMA Section News editor) for compliance with the AMA writing style guide.
  • Common web writing standards include:
    • Brief, engaging copy.
    • Avoid over-use of acronyms, colloquialisms and jargon
    • Begin your article by clearly and concisely identifying the information that is most relevant and of the greatest benefit to your reader. Follow with more details.
    • The use of sub-heads (sub-titles), bulleted lists and bolded words are common techniques in e-newsletters, acting as "alerts" to the reader who may be quickly scanning the e-newsletter.  
  •  Submissions may include related graphic images. Please provide an .eps file, if available; .jpeg files should be at least 300 x 300 pixels, to allow for cropping.  

AMA Section News: Submission Deadline Reminder (email)
Monthly, AMA Section Services emails section presidents (or their representatives), to remind them of the submission deadline for the upcoming edition of AMA Section News.

Who do articles get submitted to?
On behalf of their sections, section presidents and/or their representatives can make submissions to:
Vanda Killeen
AMA Section News editor (Senior Communications Consultant, AMA Public Affairs)

For more information, call Vanda at 780.482.0675

Current Issue - September 2017

General News Bulletin 

  • Opioid safety: Patient resources 

Submission by:

Section of General Practice | Section of Pediatrics

  • Drug Free Kids Canada - Cannabis Talk Kit - Know how to Talk with Your Teen

Section of General Practice

  • Leadership in Family Medicine

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Your feedback is welcome. Please contact:

Vanda Killeen
Senior Communications Consultant
Alberta Medical Association
T 780.482.0675
Toll-free 1-800.272.9680

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