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March 8, 2023

Release of Diagnostic Imaging Results into MyHealth Records

AMA/AHS-hosted information session regarding changes coming to diagnostic imaging results in both MyHealth Records and MyAHS Connect. Beginning March 20, 2023, diagnostic imaging (DI) test results from all sites in Alberta including inpatient, ambulatory, emergency department and most community providers will be available to patients without delay in MyHealth Records (My Personal Records and MyAHS Connect). Physicians and other providers will continue to have access to results through their usual delivery channels.


April 5, 2022

Negotiations for a New Agreement

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Hosted by the Sections of Family and Rural Medicine, as well as the Specialty Care Alliance, this Negotiations Update webinar includes a panel presentation, followed by a Q & A session with all attendees.

February 23, 2022

Alberta Surgical Initiative Overview

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On February 23, the Specialty Care Alliance hosted an Alberta Surgical Initiative (ASI) Overview Webinar with Dr. Francois Belanger and Dr. Sid Viner. While this session was primarily for specialists, interested family medicine physicians were also welcome to join. View slides.

Session objectives included: 

  • Increasing awareness of the Alberta Surgical Initiative with specialist physicians 
  • Exploring the opportunity ASI presents to improve the referral process, the provision of surgery and the recovery phase for patients, providers and the system 
  • Exploring ways to work collaboratively with Alberta Health Services to make ASI a success

January 26, 2022

Virtual Fee Code Update:

Navigating the Updated Virtual Fee Codes

Hosted by AMA Health Economics and virtual care physician leaders, this webinar reviewed policy and progress to date in advancing changes to virtual health service codes, the latest changes in Virtual Care billing codes and practical applications of updated codes and modifiers. View slides.


November 22, 2021

Primary Care in Alberta: A Panel Conversation with Health Minister Jason Copping & Primary Care Physician Leaders 

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On Monday, November 22, physician leaders from the Sections of Family Medicine and Rural Medicine and the Primary Care Networks hosted a moderated panel conversation on primary care with Health Minister Jason Copping.

This webcast event was an opportunity to hear directly from Minister Copping about his priorities for improving primary care and Alberta's health system overall. The ninety-minute webcast touched on a variety of topics, including the long-term vision for primary care, priority areas for family physicians and PCNs, sustainability of rural care, COVID-19 and more.

November 16, 2021

Alberta Opioid Crisis - presentation by Dr. Elaine Hyshka

Dr. Elaine Hyshka, Canada Research Chair in Health Systems Innovation and an Assistant Professor in the University of Alberta’s School of Public Health, recently presented on Alberta's opioid crisis.

This session outlines the roots of the current drug poisoning emergency, dispelling simplistic narratives of how it started and what perpetuates it. It provides an overview of current epidemiology and outlines how the pandemic has impacted people who use drugs. Finally, it critiques what has (and hasn't) been done in Alberta to prevent drug poisoning fatalities, and outlines the core components of an evidence-based public health response.

July 21, 2021

Real time release of complex labs to patients: What this means to your practice

This session will prepare physicians for the planned release of microbiology, pathology, and genetics results to the MyHealth Records portal scheduled for August and September 2021. This session includes presenters from family medicine, medical genetics, and pathology sharing their experiences and insights on what this change means for your practice, and how to adapt. View slides.

Resources from this webinar:

June 23, 2021

Moral Dilemmas: Reflecting on Physicians' Experiences and Approaches

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Hosted by the AMA’s Physician and Family Support Program and Well Doc Alberta. Physicians may experience moral distress as a consequence of moral dilemmas we commonly face in health care, and more so during the pandemic. This session provided an opportunity to consider the dilemmas faced by our physicians, discuss the construct of moral distress with a panel of experts and learn approaches for dealing with moral dilemmas and their consequences at the organizational and personal level.

May 12, 2021

Understanding Upcoming Changes to AHS Stipend Arrangements

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Getting informed and standing together. Webinar hosted by AMA Joint Task Force, AMA Health Economics, Specialty Care Alliance and the Sections of Family Medicine and Rural Medicine.

January 21, 2021

Building blocks to successful transitions of care

This webinar provided an overview of the Home to Hospital to Home (H2H2H) Transitions Guideline and CII/CPAR as key enablers for improving transitions of care. During this session, two primary care physicians shared their experiences with gaps in continuity, the patient impact and how they implemented changes leading to positive improvements in transitions of care. View slides.

Resources from this webinar:

January 20, 2021:

Real time release of labs to patients: What this means to your practice.Real time release of labs to patients: What this means to your practice.

This session prepared physicians for the planned release of 95% [by volume] of lab results to the My Health Record portal; this change is planned February 5, 2021. This was an interactive session with presenters from CPSA and colleagues from primary care, acute care and oncology. Presenters shared their experiences and insights on what this means for your practice and how to adapt for this change. The session was open to physicians, nurse practitioners and office/administrative staff. View slides.

Resources from this webinar:


December 22, 2020:

AHS Stipends and CPSA Standards of Practice

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In this session:

  • Review of stipend history (how did it get to this?)
  • Legal perspective and discussion of considerations, risks, options regarding the March 31, 2021 date
  • What options or actions should physicians be taking right now?
  • Q & A

October 2, 2020:

A Physician's Story of Addiction, Depression, Hope and Recovery with Dr. Adam Hill

Edmonton Leadership Lecture

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On October 2, 2020, the AMA's Physician and Family Support program and collaborators hosted a physician wellness webinar to hear one physician’s story of addiction, depression, hope and recovery. Dr. Adam Hill shared his personal journey and reflections on factors that cause distress in the medical workforce, including the obstacles and barriers preventing mental health treatment and the effect of stigma and stereotyping of mental health and addiction. Through his personal account he helps to reduce the stigma of physician addiction and instill hope about recovery.

May 29, 2020:

Clinical ARPs 101

Experienced clinical ARP physicians discuss the benefits and challenges of clinical Alternative Relationship Plans. Through the sharing of their knowledge and perspectives, the physicians discuss common aspects of clinical ARPs, accessing AMA resources for information and support, and utilizing the experiences of others to assist in assessing and choosing a preferred payment model. View slides and FAQs.


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