PFSP now recruiting family physicians willing to take colleagues as patients

Physicians for Physicians (P4P)

What is the PFSP’s Physicians for Physicians (P4P) service?

Established by PFSP, P4P is a confidential network of family physicians who are willing to take colleagues, if possible, as patients in their practices. 

The PFSP will help to connect physicians who call the 1-877-767-4637 Assistance Line to a family physician who has agreed to participate in the P4P program.

More than ever, physicians need the care and support of a family doctor, but many are without primary care for themselves or their family members. All physicians can benefit from having a personal family physician to maintain optimal health and thus enable them to better care for their patients. 

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The P4P service is used by physicians of all career stages, and its success relies on family physicians signing up to be providers in this network.

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General FAQs

How many requests for family physicians does the PFSP receive in a year?

How does the PFSP manage the connection process?

FAQs – For the P4P provider

I am interested in signing up to be a family physician provider as a part of the P4P service. How often will my name be provided to callers?

Are there guidelines or expectations I am expected to follow?

I am willing to take physician colleagues into my practice as a part of the P4P service but am unable to accept immediate family members. Am I still able to volunteer to be a P4P provider?

What if I am unable to accept referrals from the PFSP after I have signed up?

How do I update my contact information as a P4P provider?

Does the PFSP provide any support or resources for P4P providers?

Is the P4P service only for family physician connections?

FAQs – For those seeking a family physician

Are there any expectations of me if I receive a family physician connection through the PFSP?

I have been connected to a family physician through the PFSP but it wasn’t a good fit for me. What can I do?

Can I request the P4P list of physician providers from the PFSP and find my own family physician?

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