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Physicians, residents and medical students need to be able to voluntarily seek help with the assurance of confidentiality. Working with the AMA's Physician and Family Support Program is one way to ensure that difficulties can be identified and mitigated before a crisis or concern about patient safety arises.

Who's eligible?

Physicians, resident physicians and medical students.

Their immediate family members (spouse/partner and dependent children under 25).

Why call us?

The PFSP is part of the physician benefits program operated by the AMA.

You can voluntarily seek help from colleagues who understand the issues and working conditions that impact physician health.

You can deal with challenges before they become overwhelming.

The AMA's PFSP provides confidential advice, support and help with accessing necessary resources for personal or professional problems such as the following:

  • Family and relationship issues.
  • Career, educational and workplace concerns that are impacting our health.
  • Dealing with adverse events.
  • Stress, anxiety, other mental health issues and psychiatric disorders.
  • Substance misuse.
  • Concern for a colleague.


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