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2024 Resident Wellness Conference

The 2024 Resident Wellness Conference occurred May 14 - 16 in Calgary. The Resident Wellness Conference is a PFSP sponsored event, in collaboration with the University of Alberta and University of Calgary wellness offices and PARA, and held biennially for each of Alberta’s medical school residents.

Personal boundaries ... but how?

Many physicians struggle with feeling ashamed they have reached their limit. It’s what the medical culture prescribes. Cultivating personal boundaries is a way to honour yourself and create some equilibrium for yourself - it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Caring for others without losing yourself

On February 13, Kristin Neff PhD, renowned researcher and expert in self-compassion, delivered a 60-minute session on self-compassion. This session was one of the most highly attended in PFSP history! Thank you to all who joined us.

Changing your Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

This interactive experiential session, led by Dr. Ieleen Taylor, offered the opportunity to learn and practice techniques for motivating yourself with encouragement rather than self-criticism.

A Conversation - Physician wellness and mental illness in physicians and surgeons

This session included conversation about the challenges that physicians and surgeons face in maintaining their well-being, the occupational hazards and expectations of invincibility, and the stigma associated with reaching out for help, as well as strategies and resources to support well-being.

A Tale of Two Transitions: How to achieve the next shift in your medical career

A 90-minute session that looked at what executive coaching is and how, using career transitions as an example application, it can be a valuable support option for physicians. This session was co-facilitated by ICF Certified Executive Coaches, Dr. Michelle Jackman MSc, MD, FRCPC and Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld MD, FRCSC, MSc, MBA.

Vulnerability, an inside job

A 90-minute session that looked at how your quality of your life improves when you connect with your emotions and vulnerability. This session was led by Dr. Ieleen Taylor MD CCFP and Dr. Ghazala Radwi MBBS FRCPC - Internal Medicine RCPSC – Hematology.

Hope and Healing after Trauma - Reflections for Physicians by General Roméo Dallaire

Alberta’s physicians at every career stage are suffering with occupational stress injury that has physical, ethical and moral dimensions, in an environment of extenuating and difficult circumstances. This live virtual 90-minute keynote session with General Roméo Dallaire offered physicians in any career stage, hope, connection and inspiration for healing.

Honouring and Healing our Burden of Grief and Loss

A 90-minute session looking at grief and loss (the relevance, obstacles, sources and consequences) with discussion and guidance through one way to reduce suffering and enhance well-being. This session will be led by Dr. Ieleen Taylor, MD CCFM.

RWC 2021 Program and Resources

On November 4, 2021, In collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Office of Advocacy and Wellbeing and Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta, the AMA's Physician and Family Support Program held the Resident Wellness Conference (RWC) 2021. View the schedule for RWC 2021's morning and afternoon sessions as well as descriptions of each offering.

Moral Dilemmas: Reflecting on Physicians' Experiences and Approaches

Physicians may experience moral distress as a consequence of moral dilemmas commonly faced in health care, and more so during the pandemic. This session provides an opportunity to consider the moral dilemmas faced by physicians, discuss the construct of moral distress with a panel of experts and learn approaches for dealing with moral dilemmas and their consequences at the organizational and personal level.

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