AMA Statement

March 7, 2020

The relationship between government and physicians has become strained as government has implemented a new funding framework. Physicians have raised their concerns about many elements of the changes, and how these will impact their patients and practices. Unfortunately the tone and tenor of public discourse about this dispute has become increasingly hostile, negative and personal. Regrettably, this has led to some comments that have become personal, with those towards the Minister of Health as an important example. Similarly, comments regarding physicians have been interpreted as questioning the importance of their role in a well-functioning system, such as the critical role of family physicians in providing complex and comprehensive care within the community.
It is time to turn this around and put our energies into building the best possible health care system for Albertans. The Alberta Medical Association is committed to upholding this standard, as we strive to find common ground with government. We will do so in a positive and constructive manner. We agree that it is in everyone’s interest to keep discussions professional and civil and ensure that information circulated is accurate.
The AMA is committed to a sustainable health care system, with quality and value at its foundation. A small working group has been established to allow the AMA to present alternatives to the recently announced funding framework. The Government of Alberta has expressed interest in hearing any proposals brought forward by the AMA, subject only to the government’s fiscal imperatives.

Alberta Medical Association Mission: Advocate for and support Alberta physicians. Strengthen their leadership in the provision of sustainable quality care.