Element 11: Grant agreements


Historically, the AMA has managed a number of programs on behalf of physicians. This has occurred under the terms of grant agreements between AH and AMA. The concept of grant agreements will continue under the terms of this AMA Agreement. Included within the grant agreements are the following programs:

  • Compassionate Expense.
  • Parental Leave.
  • Physician and Family Support.
  • Continuing Medical Education.
  • Medical Liability Insurance.
  • Locum Programs (Regular and Specialist).
  • Physician Learning.
  • Practice Management.
  • Toward Optimized Practice.
  • Retention Benefit.
  • ARP Program Management Office.
  • PCN Program Management Office.

The details of these programs including eligibility requirements are included in Schedule 6 of the AMA Agreement. Schedule 6 also provides for the AMA to use a portion of the grants for program operations, and acknowledges the ability of the AMA to charge non-members an administration fee as a condition of participation in the programs.

In general, physicians providing insured medical services are eligible for benefits and programs regardless of their source of payment.

You might ask

Q11.1 Will I continue to receive my Retention Benefit directly from the AMA?

  • Yes. The Retention Benefit as well as funding for the other programs listed above will be paid through the AMA. The AMA will manage these programs whether they provide a service to physicians or a specific financial benefit.

Q11.2 I don’t see the Business Costs Program (BCP) on this list. Is it still part of the AMA agreement?

  • Yes. But, the BCP is not covered under a grant agreement as are the programs listed above. You will find the BCP under Physician Assistance Programs (see Element 3: Scope and purpose).

AMA Agreement document reference

  • Document reference 1: Page 4, Section 5(a).
  • Document reference 2: Page 23, Schedule 6.

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