Element 4: AMA recognition


The AMA Agreement recognizes the AMA as the sole and exclusive representative of Alberta physicians with regard to the term, scope and purposes (see Element 2: Term and Element 3: Scope and Purpose).

The AMA Agreement also requires that, for health matters which touch and concern physicians but are not within the stated scope and purposes of the agreement, AH will consult with and seek the advice of AMA.

You might ask

Q4.1 Is the AMA recognized specifically as the representative of physicians for matters outside of the agreement?

  • While not specifically recognized, as noted, AH is required to consult with the AMA on all health matters which “touch and concern physicians.” The AMA will also assist upon request with specific negotiations with other entities, e.g., AHS physicians always have the right to request that the AMA act as their representative.

Q4.2 Why does the agreement include a provision for AH to entrench recognition in legislation?

  • While this AMA Agreement provides for ongoing recognition of the AMA (see Element 6: Evergreen Term), entrenching recognition in legislation could give added comfort to physicians that the AMA will be recognized by government in an ongoing fashion as the representative of Alberta physicians. Other provinces have taken the legislative route with respect to medical association recognition.

AMA Agreement document references

  • Document reference 1: Page 2, Section 2.
  • Document reference 2: Page 4, Section 4.  Element 4

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