Resident Wellness Conference

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The 2019 event, Resident Wellness Conference - Edmonton (RWC YEG) Resident Physician Health: A Shared Responsibility, will take place November 21. This year's conference will focus on Recognizing the importance of culture change and personal resilience to support the health of resident physicians in Alberta.

Fees waived by PFSP

NOTE: Registration fills up quickly but we will have a waitlist available.

This conference is held biennially for each of Alberta’s medical schools, University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, in alternating years. This format provides the high level of choice and topics residents have requested and replaces the previous practice of PFSP providing ad hoc sessions for individual programs.

In the fall of 2017 PFSP hosted the RWC in Edmonton for all residency programs of the University of Alberta. Over 100 residents from 23 programs attended RWC exploring and developing practical self-care strategies and techniques together. After the plenary presentation, residents were able to choose and participate in five of the ten different learning stations that focused on the following subject areas.

    1. Communication
    2. Nutrition
    3. Teambuilding
    4. Feedback
    5. Mindfulness
    6. Life hacks
    7. Call Room Moves
    8. Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness
    9. Study Skills
    10. Non Clinical Careers


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