Resident Wellness Conference

November 9, 2023

RWC YEG Conference 2023

Registration is open!

RWC 2023: Making a Break for it – Care, Choice, and Colleagues

Lister Centre, University of Alberta

Resident Program Directors who wish to have their residents register for RWC, select this link.

Residents who wish to register select this link.

* Note: registration is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration fills up quickly so we will have a waitlist available. If you are unable to attend your registered session, kindly email so that another resident may attend, thank you!

Fees waived by PFSP

We are honoured that Senator Gigi Osler FRCSC, is providing our plenary session.

Check out two remarkable individuals you will get to meet at RWC! 

Amanda “Panda” Syryda
Hula Hoop Circus

Lalitha Taylor, BSc, RD
Owner/Founder of Taylor Nutrition 

The Resident Wellness Conference (RWC) is an AMA's Physician and Family Support Program sponsored event in collaboration with the Universities of Alberta and Calgary wellness offices, and PARA.

Typically, this conference is held biennially for each of Alberta’s medical school residents in alternating years. This format offers the high level of choice and topics residents have requested. Pre-registration is required; all registration fees are waived, and PFSP provides meals and refreshments. At each past event over 100 residents from 20+ programs have attended RWC exploring and developing practical self-care strategies and techniques together. Following a plenary presentation, residents choose and participate in several concurrent interactive, no tech learning stations. The learning station subjects vary from event to event while usually focusing in the following subject areas:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Developing community
  3. Mindfulness 
  4. Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness
  5. Family Planning

If you are a physician interested in coaching a station subject, or wish to be involved, please email


Should you have any questions about this or future conferences, please email

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