Term Life Insurance

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The AMA’s Term Life Insurance plan helps protect the  financial security of your loved ones, if you should pass away suddenly or unexpectedly and could no longer provide for them. 

Your Term Life coverage can help pay for:

  • Mortgage and other personal debt 
  • Children’s education needs 
  • Income taxes that may be payable at your death 
  • Retirement funds for your spouse 
  • Funeral and other expenses 
  • Business debt or partnership insurance 
  • And anything else your family may need 

Life insurance can help your family continue to enjoy their current lifestyle and move forward with their life goals. It’s especially important if:

  • Your loved ones would have a difficult time managing financially without you
  • You are a single income producer who provides sole support, or a majority of the support, for your family

AMA Premium Credit

While not guaranteed, members have received a premium credit on the Term Life Insurance plan 17 of the last 20 years. There is no AMA Premium Credit available in 2024.

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