Term Life Insurance

The Alberta Medical Association's Term Life Insurance plan helps to provide financial security for your family if you pass away.

The plan can cover:

  • Funeral and other final expenses
  • Mortgage and other personal debt
  • Children’s educational needs
  • Income replacement for surviving dependents
  • Income taxes that may be payable at your death
  • Business debt or partnership insurance
  • Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement for your business

How do I find out more?

The Term Life Insurance section of our overview booklet explains:

  • Why you might need this kind of insurance
  • Levels of coverage
  • Preferred underwriting
  • Conversion privileges
  • Optional riders available

Read the Group Insurance Plans Overview booklet

How much will it cost?

Use the calculator to help you to estimate your premium (please note that the calculator rates are an estimate only).
Use the Life Insurance Needs and Premium Calculator

How do I apply?

Need to change your beneficiary?

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