Critical Illness Insurance

The Alberta Medical Association's Critical Illness Insurance provides a one-time lump-sum benefit payment if you are diagnosed with one of 25 covered conditions (subject to a survival period — usually 30 days).

You or your spouse can use the benefit to cover costs such as:

  • Expensive medicines and treatments
  • Child care
  • Home maintenance and renovation
  • Health care required outside Canada
  • The loss of income of a spouse who is caring for you
  • Personal or business loans

How do I find out more?

The Critical Illness Insurance section of our overview booklet explains:

  • Why you might need this kind of insurance
  • Critical illnesses covered by this plan
  • Optional riders available
  • Exclusions and termination

Read the Group Insurance Plans Overview booklet

How much will it cost?

Use the Critical Illness calculator to estimate your Critical Illness premium.

Use the Critical Illness Premium Calculator

How do I apply?

Contact us

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