Key Result Area 2

Well being

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The AMA supports members in maintaining healthy work-life integration, including being a leader in the development of a comprehensive physician health program. The AMA promotes and supports physicians contributing to the broader community through activities like the AMA Youth Run Club and Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant program. The AMA also supports physicians in their efforts to attain safe, healthy and equitable work environments.

Goal 1 Physicians are supported in maintaining their own health and that of their families

Priority activities

1. Continue to improve the quality of PFSP service and monitor assistance levels to meet increasing need.

2. Support Well Doc Alberta’s efforts to renew funding and scale and spread the program nationally through affinity funding made available through the CMA/BNS agreement.

Goal 2 The AMA is a broker in bringing together physicians, patients and families toward healthy communities. Physician and community contributions are supported and celebrated.

Priority activities

1. Expand the Shine A Light initiative to recognize more physicians more frequently in their everyday settings, quietly going the distance for patients.

  • Encourage nominations from the public, colleagues or clinical staff.
  • Optimize the stories through multi-media strategies.

2. As students return to schools under COVID restrictions, maintain or increase the number of participating schools. This includes supporting teachers and schools with programs or activities that can be safely performed. For 30% of students schooling at home, offer online individual and family activity planning under the YRC brand.

3. Administer the Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant program.

Goal 3 The AMA is committed to working with and for physicians to address system issues which impede attaining a safe, healthy, equitable working environment.

Priority activities

1. Advance the AMA’s Healthy Working Environments framework in key areas:

  • Diversity and inclusion
    • Operationalize the tool kit developed to support diversity and inclusion goals with a focus on section leadership recruitment.
    • Implement changes to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in AMA appointments.
    • Represent AMA at formal and informal EDI communities and initiatives.
  • Psycho-social wellness and safety
    • With the ZMSAs, support a review and renewal of the provincial medical staff bylaws advocating for the quadruple aim and healthy working environments for physicians within AHS.
  • Leadership
    • In collaboration with the CMA provide physician leadership and professional development opportunities for members.

2. Working with the AMA’s Healthy Working Environments Advisory Committee, identify additional opportunities and possible strategies.

  • Promotion of the CMA policy/statement on diversity and inclusion.
  • Further align work of the HWEAC and the Indigenous Health Committee.

3. Implement ProActive in partnership with the CPSA, AHS, HQCA, CMPA and the Universities.

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The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.