Key Result Area 3

System Leadership and Partnership

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The AMA supports members in their role as leaders within the health care system. This includes supporting physician leadership in developing innovations in care delivery and integration of primary and specialty care. Other activities include the AMA’s key role, with Alberta Health through the AMA Agreement, in developing and implementing the physician payment strategy for the province; several programs aimed at quality improvement; activities related to eHealth; and supporting the development of physician leadership skills.

Goal 1

Working with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and other partners, lead and influence positive change in the delivery of services

Priority Activities

1. Support the continued realization of a Patient’s Medical Home for all Albertans:

  • Support members, clinics, and their PCNs to progressively implement elements of the PMH in their practices.
  • Work with AH and AHS to improve systems supports to members, clinics and their PCNs to enable the delivery of PMH to all Albertans.

2. Support activities that integrate care across the system:

  • Work with PCA and SCA as well as AHS Primary Health Care Integration Network (PHCIN) to develop and deliver projects and services that improve the integration of care for Alberta patients.
  • Support immediate integration priorities such as opioid crisis response, hospital to home and PCA/SCA joint referral improvement project.
  • Using the negotiated agreements ability to propose changes to AMA programs, develop a proposal to evolve AMA programs to direct more engagement and support to integration activities and specialist practices.

3. Support physician members in their new roles created under the PCN Framework

  • Provide physician leaders with the support to engage AHS and AH on an equal basis in the planning for new programs and activities created by the PCN framework.
  • Support members, clinics and PCNs in realizing new opportunities and delivering on new responsibilities created by the PCN framework.

Goal 2

Key incentives and supports for physicians are aligned with the delivery of care and toward overall system objectives of timely access for patients to quality care

Priority Activities

1. Alignment of physician compensation activities with system objectives:

  • Working with sections, complete the development of an Average Net Daily Income (ANDI) model in support of income equity.
  • Work with AH and AHS to implement further AMHSP arrangements, ARP’s and other alternate funding arrangements that improve the quality of care Albertans receive.

2. Support strategic and tactical initiatives that improve informational continuity and enhance information integration:

  • Work collaboratively with AH and others to enable the bi-directional flow of information between community-based physicians and Alberta Netcare.
  • Partner with AHS and others to develop bridging capabilities between physician office systems and the AHS provincial clinical information system.
  • Continue to advance the EMR Vendor Strategy to align priorities and address the needs of physicians.

3. Participate in the development of a needs based physician resource plan:

  • Working with AH develop a better needs-based analysis for community physician requirements.

Goal 3

Physicians and the AMA, in partnership with patients, play a leadership role in advocating and promoting a system characterized by Patients First®.

Priority Activities

1. Leverage the portal to include the patients perspective and inform AMA decision making.

  • Explore patients’ understanding and attitude around the aspects of a high-performing health care system, as well as the optimal language and methods for dialogue and engagement.

2. Support physician leadership:

  • Provide skill development opportunities to AMA physician leaders.
  • Develop a leadership framework to create physician capacity to leading system change that improves care for Albertans.

3. Support and advocate for improved health care delivery for the indigenous community. This will involve outreach to indigenous physicians and First Nations communities, and participation in the Population and Aboriginal Health SCN.

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The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.