Key Result Area 3

System Leadership and Partnership

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The AMA supports members in their role as leaders within the health care system. This includes supporting physician leadership in developing innovations in care delivery and integration of primary and specialty care.  Other activities include the AMA’s key role, with Alberta Health (AH) through the AMA Agreement, in developing and implementing the physician payment strategy for the province; several programs aimed at quality improvement; activities related to eHealth; and supporting the development of physician leadership skills.

Goal 1 Working with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and other partners, lead and influence positive change in the delivery of services

Priority activities

  1. Continue to strengthen the Patient’s Medical Home for all Albertans:
    • Support members, clinics and their PCNs to improving relationship continuity to patients using the central patient attachment registry / community information integration (CPAR/CII) as an enabling tool and leverage the functionality in other areas including immunization, eReferral and Alberta Surgical Initiative. 
    • Support PCNs in operationalizing new standardized, sustainable and shared services prioritized by the PCN Provincial Committee and PCN Zonal Committees. 
  1. Support activities that integrate care across the system and support the health neighborhood:
    • Support physician leaders in PCN zones to achieve functional partnerships with AHS zones to enable new ways of sharing care using sustainable approaches.
    • Work with PCA and SCA as well as AHS Primary Health Care Integration Network to promote virtual care capabilities including secure communication, eReferral and integration with community EMRs.
  1. Support members on pandemic related issues as the situation evolves (e.g., Care deficit, return to schools) including income stabilization, virtual care and personal protective equipment.
  1. In collaboration with others including the Rural Municipalities Association and Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, advocate for an implementation plan to the AHS Ernst and Young report that provides value for patients and is fair to physicians. 

Goal 2 Key incentives and supports for physicians are aligned with the delivery of care and toward overall system objectives of timely access for patients to quality care

Priority activities

  1. Complete the remaining Income Equity Initiative studies:
    • Hours of Work Study
      • Deploy survey instrument when necessary conditions are achieved (e.g. reasonable level of return to work is established during COVID relaunch). 
      • Present preliminary results for validation by the panel.
    • Market Impact Study
      • Complete phase 2 of the Market Impact Study
    • Physician Compensation Study
      • Align claims data with the various components of the study
      • Ratify the IEI with membership
    • Seek government support for the initiative
  1. Support strategic and tactical initiatives that improve informational continuity and enhance information integration:
    • Provide input into the operationalization of key provincial health information-related initiatives, including but not limited to the CPAR/CII initiative, eDelivery of results and the AHS Connect Care provider portal. 
    • Represent community physicians and physicians in AHS facilities moving from community EMRs to Connect Care in areas such as: eDelivery, data migration, provider and patient portals. 
    • Provide input into the design and development of a provincial virtual care strategy.
    • Advocate for an integrated and efficient rollout of systems needed to support new immunization protocols.
    • Working with other stakeholders including the student associations, PARA, training institutions and communities, develop solutions to address needs-based gaps in physician supply.
    • Provide support and input to stakeholders including medical student associations, PARA, training institutions and communities on responding to government’s consultation process on its new regulations that are expected to take effect April 2022. (Note: Government has deferred implementation of the legislation and has advised that at a minimum it will not apply to physician residents who are eligible for a billing number in the next fiscal year.)

Goal 3 Physicians and the AMA, in partnership with patients, play a leadership role in advocating and promoting a system characterized by Patients First®.

Priority activities

  1. Maintain or expand the portal community to become the preeminent patient community in Alberta and Canada currently at 15,000 members
    • Maintaining neutral, non-partisan space for those who join on that basis.
    • Migrate activists over to, offering a different, non-political experience helping to improve the system.
    • will be the driver of public advocacy with respect to the COVID care deficit and what is needed for recovery through multiple surveys and reporting
    • Improve community member experience by taking advantage of capabilities of new platform for engagement between surveys
  1. Support and advocate for improved health care delivery for the Indigenous community. This will involve outreach to indigenous physicians and First Nations communities, participation in the Population Aboriginal Health SCN and continued activity of the AMA Indigenous Health committee.

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The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.