2020-2021 AMA Business Plan Year-End Update

This report provides a year end updated on the 2020-21 Business Plan priority activities.

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Part B: Key Result Areas, Goals and Related Priority Activities

Cascading from the AMA Mission are the Board-established long-term goals for the organization, which are categorized in three broad Key Result Areas: Financial Health for physicians and their practices; Well Being (personal, workplace, community); System Leadership and Partnership. The purpose of the goals is twofold: they express how the Board wants to deliver value to physician members and also what is felt to be most important in moving towards the Vision. Connected to each goal are the related activities planned for this fiscal year.

Part B

Update on KRA 1, Financial Health

The AMA assists and supports members in maintaining their financial health. This includes negotiating with payers to ensure fair compensation, the provision of practice management services and the offering of financial products. Members in training are supported through a number of scholarships and bursaries.

Update on KRA 2, Well being

The AMA supports members in maintaining healthy work-life integration, including being a leader in the development of a comprehensive physician health program. The AMA promotes and supports physicians contributing to the broader community through activities like the AMA Youth Run Club and Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion grant program. The AMA also supports physicians in their efforts to attain safe, healthy and equitable work environments.

Update on KRA 3, System partnership and leadership

The AMA supports members in their role as leaders within the health care system. This includes supporting physician leadership in developing innovations in care delivery and integration of primary and specialty care. Other activities include the AMA’s key role, with Alberta Health (AH) through the AMA Agreement, in developing and implementing the physician payment strategy for the province; several programs aimed at quality improvement; activities related to eHealth; and supporting the development of physician leadership skills.

Healthy AMA

Achieving the goals under the three Key Result Areas requires a healthy, vibrant and sustainable AMA.

Budget year-end update

The Budget year-end update for 2019-20 was based on the most current financial results and a review of the status of AMA activities.

The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.