A Healthy AMA

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  1. Governance
    • Improve transparency to members from all levels of AMA leadership, by implement the approved recommendations from the Transparency Working Group. 
    • Support sections in carrying out their roles by:
      • Reviewing the results of the baseline survey of section executive, conducted by the Governance Oversight Groups. 
      • Developing the needed tools and supports and making them available to sections.    
    • Conduct an environmental scan of available leadership tools and supports both internally and through partner organizations like CMPA, CMA and AHS and make these supports more accessible for AMA leaders and all AMA members.
  1. Workforce
    • Implement the approved honoraria and expense guide improvements including: 
      • Pay honoraria rates based on the committee position.
      • Increase honoraria rates to align with other jurisdictions.
      • Provide honoraria for meeting preparation time.
      • Add dependent care as an eligible expense. 
    • Create a positive, connected, cohesive workforce who provide exceptional value to members and encourage members to get involved with the AMA. 
      • Implement the approved recommendations from the Hybrid Working Group.
    • Undertake a competitive process to select AMA corporate legal council. 
  1. Financial
    • Develop a balanced budget that sustains the organization, while making appropriate use of AMA reserves.
    • Steward program funding in accordance with the grant agreements.
  1. Relationships
    • Optimize our relationship with the CMA and the Provincial and Territorial Medical Associations towards activities that benefit the collective provincial and national memberships.
    • Improve connections with other health professions to enable creative development of team-based care.
  1. Knowledge
    • Assess the feasibility of enhancing our social media capabilities, including the development of a project charter (scope, budget, performance indicators, sustainability, etc.), and if approved by the Board, undertake a pilot implementation.
    • Modernize the AMA website to increase transparency, improve member experience and improve connection with and amongst members.
    • Continue the multi-year project of modernizing our member information systems.

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