A Healthy AMA

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Healthy AMA

1. Governance

  • Deploy the tool kit developed to assist sections and others in diversifying AMA leadership.
  • Apply lessons learned during COVID to enhance opportunities for bringing leadership together (e.g. Virtual AGM).
  • Provide skill development opportunities to AMA physician leaders – Webinars.

2. Workforce

  • Enhance and expand member engagement opportunities as an entry point for future member workforce.
  • Support the redeployment of staff to higher value services as the organization evolves to maximize member value.
  • Develop and begin implementation of a space strategy that improves space efficiency while enhancing member value and experience.

3. Financial

  • Balance the use of AMA contingency and direct savings to maximize member value and sustain the organization.
  • Effective stewardship of program funding.

4. Relationships

  • Enhance our relationship with the CMA.
  • Expand our government relations and public relations capabilities and deploy assets as needed to ensure physicians remain a key health system partner.
  • Continues to develop and deliver grass roots advocacy through the Joint Task Force.
  • Continue to expand capacity for and reach of AMA social media profile.
  • Partner with the ZMSA’s on key initiatives including the provincial staff bylaw review.
  • Enhance our relationship with the Rural Municipalities Association and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.

5. Knowledge

  • Identify new, high-value member engagement opportunities that satisfy the 4 dimensions of engagement (belonging, contributions that matter, valuable services, experiences that matter to members).
  • Develop a membership marketing framework including a monitoring method to allow strategic targeting of underrepresented groups within the membership renewal period.
  • Select a replacement website content management tool and begin implementation of the website amalgamation and redesign.

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The AMA advances patient-centered, quality care by advocating for and supporting physician leadership and wellness.