The AMA's position on EMRs

Our EMR vision: Part of Patients First®

Just as advocacy for a quality system is an essential role for our physician members, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) has a responsibility to advocate for what physicians collectively need to put Patients First®.

The health care system gets better when all parties show leadership and make progress together.

  • EMRs advance Patients First® and Value for Patients®.
  • When used to full potential, EMRs can offer significant benefits at the point of care.
  • The value of an EMR to an individual physician depends on how well it generates clinical value and supports business processes.
  • The AMA believes that information-sharing capabilities must acknowledge that the compassion, trust and respect between the patient and the physician are cornerstones of the health care system.
  • The most important role physicians play is helping patients to be as healthy as possible. Fully functioning EMRs can increase efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care.

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Caroline Garland
Alberta Medical Association
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