EMR Integration Table

November 10, 2023

eDelivery of results and integration with all provincial assets are critical for your clinic. While there are multiple EMRs available to Alberta clinics, this table is intended to provide foundational information on those EMRs currently integrated with provincial assets.

Choosing an EMR is a complex process. This information is only a starting point for the full assessment and selection of an EMR. 




Solution (Vendor)

Electronic delivery of lab and DI results and Connect Care results where available





Accuro (QHR)

Fully conformed


Ava (Ava Industries)

Fully conformed with the exception of Insight Medical Imaging and Medical Imaging Consultants.


Healthquest (Microquest)

Fully conformed

Juno (Cloud Practice)

Partially conformed

  • Connect Care*

  • Edmonton Zone Lab

  • Calgary Zone Lab and DI

  • Rural Zone DI

  • Rural Zone Lab expected in 2022

Not integrated and no timelines available at this time

Discussions in progress



Fully conformed

Med Access (TELUS)

Fully conformed

PS Suite (TELUS)

Fully conformed with the exception of Rural Zone DI

Wolf (TELUS)

Fully conformed

*Edmonton Community Labs are now provided via Connect Care.

Note: This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Please let us know if you find inconsistencies. Integration is an ongoing process. It’s important to confirm with each vendor that the above information is current and accurate before you make your EMR selection.

Please contact caroline.garland@albertadoctors.org with any questions.

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