Billing seminars

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Find out how to avoid billing inappropriately and how to take advantage of billing opportunities you may have been missing. 

We offer both customized member physician (for you and your staff) and general seminars.

Member physician billing seminars

We offer these billing seminars to AMA member physicians along with their staff (at least one of the clinic's physicians must attend the seminar).

These private seminars are tailored to your practice's specific billing needs (and are available to PCNs, general practitioners and specialists). They usually last two hours and have no upper limit on participants.

Seminar fees

  • Member physician billing seminars: $183.75 per hour (includes GST).

For more information and to book this kind of seminar, contact  

General billing seminars

Next scheduled general billing seminars

  • There are no billing seminars scheduled at this time. Please check back soon!

The general seminars give you an overview on billing and a chance to catch up on recent billing changes. Topics covered include:

  • Changes to the Schedule of Medical Benefits
  • Understanding governing rules
  • Claim rejections and resubmissions
  • Third-party uninsured services
  • Improving billing practices

Seminar fees

  • AMA members and billing staff: $105/participant (includes GST).
  • Resident physicians (AMA members): No charge but must pre-register.
  • Non-members: $236.25/participant (includes GST).  

Billing seminar video

Watch our video on fee code 03.04J to find out about the:

  • Reasons for a comprehensive/complex care plan.
  • Its value to physicians and patients.
  • How to develop a plan and how to bill for this fee code.

This video is presented by Marilyn L. Kroon (retired), Consultant, Fees, Health Economics, AMA.

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