Billing seminars

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Find out how to take advantage of billing opportunities you may have been missing and ensure you are billing correctly. 

We offer both private member physician (for you and your staff) and general seminars.

Member physician billing seminars

We offer private billing seminars to AMA member physicians and their billing teams. At least one AMA member physician must be present throughout the seminar.

Typically taking about two hours, the private seminars are tailored to your practice's specific billing needs and are available to PCNs, general practitioners and specialists. There is no maximum number of attendees.

Currently, the private billing seminars are being offered as Zoom videoconferences only due to COVID-19.

Private billing seminar fees

  • Member physician billing seminars: $183.75 per hour (includes GST).

To book a private billing seminar, contact  

General billing seminars

Next scheduled general billing seminars

  • We currently do not have any general seminars scheduled.

General billing seminars give you an overview of billing to help you optimize your billing and billing processes, as well as a chance to catch up on recent billing changes. Topics covered include:

  • Recent changes to the Schedule of Medical Benefits
  • Understanding governing rules
  • Improving billing practices
  • Claim rejections and resubmissions
  • Third-party uninsured services
  • Improving billing practices

General billing seminar fees

  • AMA members and billing staff: $105/participant (includes GST).
  • Resident physicians (AMA members): No charge but must pre-register.
  • Non-members: $236.25/participant (includes GST).  

Past billing webinars

April 3, 2020 Webinar:

Virtual Care codes and March 31 changes to the SOMB

The AMA hosted a webinar focused on Virtual Care codes and the March 31, 2020 Schedule of Medical Benefits changes.

View presentation slides.The information herein is what was known on the date of the seminar. Any intervening changes in the SOMB are not reflected in the slide deck. For full information please ensure to check the AMA Fee Navigator® and direct any questions to Health Economics.

March 27, 2020 Webinars:

Getting started with Virtual Care and help with privacy, tools and billing

The AMA hosted two webinars for Alberta physicians, focusing on how to start using Virtual Care for patient care while minimizing risk of exposure to patients, staff and physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics covered included getting started with Virtual Care, privacy, tools and billing. The two sessions were merged into one recording. View presentation slides

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