Uninsured services

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The Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan pays for many of the services a patient may receive from his or her doctor.

The following uninsured services are NOT covered by the AHCIP:

  • Transfer of medical records
    NOTE: For information on patient accessing/ obtaining a copy of medical records, view How to Request a Copy of Your EHR on the Alberta Health website. For information on how fees are assessed for this service, see Regulated fee schedule under the HIA on this website.
  • Telephone prescription renewals
  • Travel advice and immunizations
  • Some de-insured procedures (e.g., circumcision, wart removal)
  • Forms, reports or letters*

Patients must be informed of the fee before the uninsured service is provided. Payment is expected when you receive the service.

*You or a third party – such as an employer, insurance company, lawyer or school – may request your physician to complete a form, report, letter, etc. Provision of these types of uninsured services requires the time, expertise (and office materials) of your doctor and her/his staff. In some cases, a physical examination may also be required. You (or the third party) will be charged a fee to cover these costs.

For more information on insured and uninsured services under the AHCIP, visit:

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