Disability Insurance


From doctor to acute care patient to doctor again

“A quadriplegic ER physician? How is this even possible?”

Dr. Ian J. Rigby credits his family and peers for his comeback from a serious accident.

The Alberta Medical Association's Disability Insurance plan provides a monthly income if an accident or illness prevents you from working.

This income means that you can avoid using your retirement savings to take care of everyday expenses such as your mortgage, household bills, costs of your children’s education and other expenses.

How do I find out more?

The Disability Insurance section of our overview booklet explains:

  • Why you might need this kind of insurance
  • Levels of coverage
  • What we mean by total and residual disability
  • The many built-in features of the plan, plus the optional riders

Read the Group Insurance Plans Overview booklet

How do I determine my insurance needs?

Use the needs and premium calculator to estimate your Disability Insurance premium.

Use the Disability Needs and Premium Calculator

How do I apply?

Contact us

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