It’s time to prepare for wildfire season

April 23, 2024

This year’s wildfire season is off to an early and busy start. Much of Alberta is experiencing very high to extreme drought conditions and there have already been evacuation alerts in certain parts of the province. Wildfire officials are urging Albertans to be prepared for any eventuality.

With that in mind, the AMA has gathered some information for members about various insurance options and encourages you to consider your situation and your risk so you can ensure you have sufficient coverage. In previous fire seasons, government has indicated they will not compensate physicians whose practices were displaced due to wildfire evacuations and instead directs physicians to utilize personal commercial insurance. While we hope it won’t be necessary this season, we wanted to provide the information now so you can apply for any new or additional insurance coverage you may need.

As the wildfire season intensifies, the AMA will use our social media platforms and website to share important information. Members can also contact us at

We encourage everyone to watch for updates and to visit the AHS Wildfire Resources page for more information.

Business Interruption Coverage

Westland MyGroup

Clinic owners may want to consider obtaining medical office insurance through Westland MyGroup, which includes loss of business income. Those who have existing coverage are advised to contact Westland to verify coverage levels and ensure clinic information is up to date. Westland’s commercial office insurance includes business interruption coverage for those displaced due to a natural disaster for 30 days and 12 months, depending on selected coverage levels. To ensure all physicians in your clinic are covered, please ensure your policy names each physician and that the declared gross annual revenue reported reflects the billings of all physicians.

To obtain a quote or review your coverage, please call 1-844-999-7687 or visit Alberta Medical Association - Westland MyGroup.

For additional information or support concerning available insurance options, please contact ADIUM Insurance Services Inc., the AMA’s wholly owned insurance subsidiary, at 1-800-272-9680 or

Home insurance

TD Insurance

Our partner, TD Insurance is committed to supporting AMA members. Considering the recent news of drought conditions in Alberta, particularly in the southern part of the province, we want to encourage AMA members to revisit their home insurance policies in preparation for potential fires and evacuations.

Below, you will find key information and helpful resources for your consideration:

  • In case of a fire or nearby fires, clients should promptly notify a TD Insurance advisor if their area is impacted by a civil order; mass evacuation or prohibited access.
  • While TD Insurance encourages staying with friends or family, TD Insurance home insurance policies include up to 90-days in additional living expenses, if you and your family have been ordered to evacuate and are forced to leave your home because of a fire.
  • This coverage is written into most homeowner / condo-owner insurance packages except for New Construction, Vacant Building and Basic Packages; coverage does not apply to Vacant Condos, similar to Vacant Building packages.
  • No deductible applies to this coverage.
  • Please also see these resources:

If you'd like further information or to review your personal coverage, please call your direct TD Insurance Advisor (Private Client Advice) or call our dedicated AMA line at 1-844-859-6566.

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