Dr. Ioana Bratu

Dr. Ioana Bratu

Roles, titles, accreditations:

  • Pediatric General Surgeon, Stollery Children's Hospital
  • Site Section Chief for Trauma, Stollery Children's Hospital
  • Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  • Director of Undergraduate Surgical Education, University of Alberta

When we caught up with Dr. Ioana Bratu, she was working on the Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgery (CAPS) Maslach Burnout Inventory Survey. This is an endeavor to measure the physician wellness of the pediatric surgeons in Canada. Working with the CAPS Advocacy Committee, steps to improve certain elements of the pediatric surgeons' personal, professional, and work-related issues are being explored.

Dr. Ioana Bratu gets our physician wellness #GOAT

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For you, what three thoughts describe the current state of physician wellness in Alberta?

  • Physician burnout is linked to patient safety.
  • There is a growing awareness of the issue with concrete action lagging.
  • Physician viewed as a contractor has minimal working condition rights.

What three thoughts describe your goals related to physician wellness in Alberta?

  • Increase acceptance that physician wellness is an essential metric of health care system quality.
  • Increase awareness that physician wellness affects the personal and professional life of the surgeon and patient safety.
  • Support surgeon wellness and promote that it is a shared responsibility at the level of individual, colleagues/peers, physician leaders, institution and government.

Tell us about something you are currently working on.

Canadian Association of Pediatric Surgeons Advocacy Committee

As a physician yourself, what is something you do intentionally to take care of your mental health?

Eat healthy, exercise, sleep more, and especially escape into painting and sculpting.

What is your cue that an area of your own wellness needs your attention?

If I feel anxious and down, I know I need to take some time to reflect and recharge.

What area of your wellness do you find the most challenging to look after?

Setting boundaries around time/commitments spent on work.

How is that different now than it was earlier in your career?

Earlier on in my career, I would easily accept any new task asked of me. As time went on, this was not sustainable or healthy, and I have begun to learn how to prioritize.

Got #GOAT?

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