Dr. Sarah Hall

Dr. Sarah Hall

Professional roles

  • Deputy Head, Professional Affairs, Department of Pediatrics, Cumming School of Medicine
  • Medical Lead, Virtual Health, Alberta Health Services
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Cumming School of Medicine
  • Hospital Pediatrician, Alberta Children's Hospital
  • Member of Board of Directors, Alberta Medical Association
  • Member of Board of Directors, Calgary Health Foundation 

When we caught up with Dr. Hall, we asked her to describe a project she is currently working on. Here is what she shared with us.

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Literature has demonstrated that the availability of an anonymous reporting tool contributes to a psychologically safe and healthy work environment. We developed an anonymous tool for anyone to report untoward encounters in the workplace. A QR code is located at the top of our weekly department bulletin, reminding colleagues to report events in the workplace that feel unsafe, unsupportive, or disrespectful, particularly bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination. As leaders in our department, we are committed to supporting an environment that allows for all to do their best work and achieve their greatest potential.

Please choose one of your roles above and tell us what your colleagues can expect from you in that role.

As the Deputy Head, Professional Affairs, I am committed to creating a work environment that is supportive of all department members, allowing colleagues to achieve their greatest potential and to provide the best care they can to our pediatric patients. We aim to do this using the AMA Healthy Working Environment Framework to ensure we approach this issue in a multi-pronged manner: through ensuring psychosocial wellness and safety, facilitating leadership development and promotion amongst colleagues and through ensuring an equitable, diverse, and inclusive space for innovation and excellence.

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