Dr. Melanie Lewis

Dr. Melanie Lewis

Roles, titles, accreditations:

1. Associate Dean, Learner Advocacy & Wellness

2. Professor of Pediatrics

3. Medical Director, Edmonton Down Syndrome Clinic

4. General Pediatrician, Stollery Children's Hospital

5. Co-Chair, AFMC Student Affairs Committee

Why Dr. Melanie Lewis gets our physician wellness #GOAT

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For you, what three thoughts describe the current state of physician wellness in Alberta?

1. Medical learners and practicing physicians battling to acquire optimal work-life integration.

2. Medical learners and practicing physicians struggling against medical culture and systems that do not support wellness and resilience.

3. Stigma still persists around mental health and continues to be a significant barrier for learners and physicians from reaching out for help.

What three thoughts describe your goals related to physician wellness in Alberta?

1. Improve the health of learners and physicians across the professional continuum.

2. Optimize our culture and systems to promote a healthy work environment.

3. Remove barriers that prevent learners and physicians from seeking help and support.

Tell us about something you are currently working on.
Re-conceptualizing learner health into three categories: personal health, curricular health (composition and flexibility of our jam-packed medical curriculum), and institutional health (mistreatment, collegiality, medical culture and systems).

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