Diagnostic Imaging

Sections represent the interests of the practice segments of the profession. They help to set direction for the Alberta Medical Association through their delegates to the Representative Forum. They also provide input on:

  • Negotiations
  • Changes and allocations of increases to the physician services budget
  • Patient care initiatives


Direct escalation of care: Referral form and patient care pathway

AMA Section News December 2017 

Section of Diagnostic Imaging

  • Direct escalation of care: Letter from section president; referral form

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Section executive members

For contact information, visit:
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta's Find a physician web page


  • Dr. Robert G. Davies, Calgary


  • Dr. Michael A. Wilkins, Edmonton

Past President

  • Dr. Brijendra Rawat, Edmonton


  • Dr. Patrick A. Spiers, Edmonton


  • Dr. Nili Katz, Calgary
  • Dr. Chander Gupta, Cold Lake

Other Representatives

Representative Forum (RF) Delegates

  • Dr. Robert G. Davies, Calgary
  • Dr. J.R. Bruce Bristowe, Calgary

Fees Representative

  • Dr. J.R. Bruce Bristowe, Calgary
  • Dr. Wesley Block, Edmonton 

Vice-President, Special Projects:

Quality Assurance

  • Dr. Parveen Sunner, Edmonton

Vice-President, Special Projects:

Information Technology/Management

  • Dr. Douglas V. Scott, Calgary

Send Copies of Correspondence To

  • Ms. Mary Learning, Edmonton
  • Mr. Christopher Hayduk, Edmonton 

Background information


  • Date of the next section annual general meeting: TBD 2019


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