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Section executive members


  • Dr. Sam Wong, Edmonton

Past President

  • Dr. Michelle Bailey, Calgary


  • Dr. Elsa Fiedrich, Calgary

Fees Representative

  • Dr. Juan Pablo Appendino, Calgary

Canadian Pediatric Society Representative

  • Dr. Raphael Sharon, Edmonton


  • Dr. Christopher Andrews, Calgary
  • Dr. Renee Farrell, Calgary
  • Dr. Natalie Forbes, Calgary
  • Dr. Catherine Macneil, Calgary
  • Dr. Andrew Wade, Calgary
  • Dr. Breanne Frohlich, Edmonton
  • Dr. Bonnieca Islam, Edmonton
  • Dr. Tehseen Ladha, Edmonton
  • Dr. Mary Pat Schlosser, Edmonton
  • Dr. Hasu Rajani, Edmonton
  • Dr. Charlotte Foulston, Medicine Hat
  • Dr. Kyle Mckenzie, Red Deer
  • Dr. Candace Rypien, Calgary

Other Representatives


Representative Forum Delegates

  • Dr. Sam Wong, Edmonton 
  • Dr. Juan Pablo Appendino, Calgary


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