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Find out why ZMSAs were formed and why they're important for Alberta physicians. Find the names of the physicians on your ZMSA executive. 

What do ZMSAs do?

ZMSAs support:

  • Activities relating to the zonal physicians' relationship with the AMA.
  • Bylaws-related duties for AHS medical staff.

How do ZMSAs represent you?

ZMSAs are actively involved in:

  • Advocating for physicians at zone level.
  • Leading the local Zonal Advisory Forum (the zone level tripartite forum ‑ ZMSA, AMA, AHS).
  • Bylaws-mandated AHS committees, both zonal and provincial.
  • The AMA’s Council of Zonal Leaders (a provincial forum for all ZMSA presidents).
  • A joint AMA-AHS Provincial Physician Liaison Forum.

For more information, read the Physician's Introduction to ZMSAs & Zonal Advisory Forums.

Why were ZMSAs formed?

  • Launching a single AHS and creating five zones for AHS operations led to major changes for both the AMA and AHS.
  • The AMA reorganized from nine regional medical organizations/medical staff associations to a five-zone structure.
  • AHS also has requirements for medical staff at the zone level based on the new, single set of Provincial Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules.

All of these changes led to the formation of ZMSAs.

The complete Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules are available on the AHS website. For easier referencing, this webpage also includes individual Bylaw User Guides summarizing specific sections:

  • Medical Leadership Structure
  • Medical Staff Appointments
  • Clinical Privileges
  • Responsibilities and Accountability
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Concerns

Review the Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules and User Guides

Who are the ZMSA leaders?

Please note: To find contact information, please go to the CPSA's Find a physician web page

Calgary & Area Medical Staff Society

  • President: Dr. Scott Beach
  • President-elect: Dr. Margot McLean
  • Past President: Vacant
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Charlene Lyndon

Central ZMSA

  • President: Dr. Luc Benoit
  • Vice President: Dr. Kirsten Westberg
  • Past President: Dr. Edmund Barker
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Omoniyi Adebisi

Edmonton ZMSA

  • President: Dr. Ernst Schuster
  • Vice President: Dr. Erika MacIntyre
  • Past President: Dr. Randy Naiker
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Jennie Wismark

North ZMSA

  • President: Dr. Johannes Fourie
  • Past President: Dr. Craig Hodgson
  • Secretary: Dr. Gene Anthony Vitug
  • Treasurer: Dr. Matthys Johannes de Kock

South ZMSA

  • President: Dr. Fredrykka Rinaldi
  • Vice President: Dr. Adeel Azam
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Carl Nohr

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